Westwood is unashamedly all about kids and families! We are intentional about making your children feel safe, loved, welcomed, and excited to learn about God’s plan for them. We want to partner with parents in loving and leading children to be devoted followers of Jesus. Join in the fun and experience a place where kids meet Jesus on their level!


Infants – 3 Year Olds

In Westwood’s early childhood ministries, your child will be loved on by some incredible leaders who understand that little ones can experience the love of God through playful interaction and simple Bible stories. We want your child to learn early that God made them and God loves them!

Our spaces are set up specifically for your child’s age group with clean, safe toy centers that are refreshed/changed often. We have diaper changing stations set up in all of our early childhood rooms, and restrooms with toddler sized facilities in our 2s and 3s classrooms.


4-5 Year Olds

4 and 5 year olds love to discover new things! They may have short attention spans, but they soak up everything they are shown and told! What an incredible opportunity to open their minds and hearts to living for Jesus!

We provide fun, interactive learning experiences in an engaging, clean environment set up just for their age group. Each classroom also has their own bathroom facilities as we know these children need frequent bathroom breaks


1st – 5th Graders

Kids start and end Sunday School in their own grade level where they are able to connect with each other and their leaders. The activities and questions are strategically chosen to help set up large group time for maximum learning and great conversations.

In the middle of class time, all 1st-5th graders gather for a large group interactive story time led by one of our talented story tellers. Each week, the events of the Bible come to life through teaching, video, and activities as kids connect biblical events to God’s ultimate plan of redemption through Christ.


How do I check in my child?

Check in happens in each classroom. If you are a visitor, the teacher will give you a Visitor Card to fill out, which ensures your child will have a printed nametag the next time you come. Classrooms are marked with two signs, the top one is for our weekday programming, the bottom one is for Sunday morning and Wednesday evening programming. Our greeters (or any other adult – we are a very welcoming and friendly bunch!) will be happy to help you find your way.

Will my child be safe?

Safety is a top priority. All of our volunteer leaders have been background checked. We always schedule more than one volunteer per group, and our Children’s Director “makes the rounds” and checks on every team every week. Big windows into each room also allow for transparency. And, we have a safety team that monitors hallways during our services.

What if my child has food allergies or other medical concerns?

When you come for the first time, please talk to your child’s teacher about their allergies/needs, and also add this information to the Visitor Card you fill out. Not all classrooms have snack times, but we still need your information! If your child has food allergies, this will be printed on their nametag going forward.

What is Family First Sunday?

We believe worshiping as a family is critical to a child’s spiritual development. We would love for your whole family to attend both a Sunday School class AND worship, but all too often, we see parents attend worship while their kids are in Sunday School, and then go home. SO . . . the first Sunday of every month is Family First Sunday. On those Sundays, we do not offer Sunday School for kindergarten and older students, so that whole families can worship together. Those services are planned with whole families in mind.

Why do you have a Children’s Message during worship, and who is that for?

Westwood is all about kids and families. We want to send the consistent message that church is for everyone, including children. They are welcome in church, and an important part of our church body. So, during each worship service, we have a short time just for them, usually during the first 10 minutes of the service. If your family is only coming for our 9:30am service, you can choose to have your children start in worship, listen to the Children’s Message, and then be brought to Sunday School, or you can choose to take your children to Sunday School when you arrive. The Sunday School teachers wait to start the lesson time until the “Children’s Message” kids arrive. If you choose for your children to start in worship, they will only miss the opening activity in Sunday School.

Michelle Goodrich

Director of Children’s Ministry