HSM Loco Location

HSM Loco Location


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Westwood Church
13056 Atwood Ave, Omaha, Nebraska, 68144

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Loco Location is an extremely fun way to explore the city of Omaha with friends!  This event will mostly take place off Westwood Church property.  We will meet at Westwood Church at 6:00 and promptly head out at 6:15. Here’s how the game works: First, all players will divide up into teams of 3-4 students and 1 adult leader.  Each team will be given a spinner game board (think about the spinner in the game Twister).  Each team’s adult Leader will drive the students around Omaha to some interesting locations.  To determine where you will end up, the high schoolers must spin their game board.  If the arrow lands up, the driver must drive straight for 4 minutes.  If the spinner lands to the right, the driver must take the next right and drive in that direction for 4 minutes, etc.  After each 4 minute period is done, the game board must be spun again.  Repeat this process until you end up in a “loco” location!  When you find yourself in a cool spot, get out of the vehicle, take pictures, and (if possible) purchase something interesting at your location.  Each high schooler should bring $5 to this event.  A debit/credit card is fine as well.  The group that can find themselves in the craziest location wins!  Crazy locations will be judged based on the group with the craziest pictures or the group with the craziest souvenir!  Two groups could technically win if one group only has pictures and the other group has a souvenir!  Winning groups will be given gift cards!  This has the potential to be our most exciting Sunday Funday yet!